The Agile2Learn project will develop a curriculum – codified knowledge to be learned, a set of planned activities influencing teaching and training and related to individual trainees to define personalized learning.

This will be a major deliverable since it can be used to guide teachers to be more efficient in their educational projects.

 Training course

Agile2Learn will design and develop a training course and training contents to reinforce skills and competence needed and upskill teachers. At the same time this training should enable school staff to properly manage national and transnational educational projects. 

 Agile project management teaching Communities of practice

The project will work towards establishing an agile project management teaching Communities of practice that will sustain and develop further this skill set and  knowledge. This is important since it will increase the impact of the project.

 Exploitation of the project results

The project partners and associated partners will widely exploit the project results reaching relevant target groups throughout the EU and scaling its results beyond the partnership.